Chapel Will Return to


Lombard Lilac Parade in 2017


The Maple Street Chapel will be featured in the Lilac

Parade Sunday May 21st, beginning 1:30.


Built in 2010, the model is in 1/12-size (1"=1') scale, making the

overall size 8' long, and 11' high at the steeple.

It must be able to be stored, so it was constructed in

panels which can be assembled and disassembled.

For durability in all weather, it was constructed of

fiberglass-embossed plywood panels, designed to be

used in the construction of recreational vehicles.

Here are the two side walls  -  the west side and the

east side:

Here are pictures of the initial assembly of the side

walls and the end walls:

Here is a picture of the front with the big spire's main

body, the "slopey part", and the belfry:

It doesn't look like much at this point in the

construction, but the steeple is made of styrofoam.  A

cone was available to do the top 24".  The rest had to

be shaped out of cubes:

Here is the front with the above unshaped styrofoam


Because of its size, the steeple, in spite of being made

of styrofoam, weighs five pounds.  Being 1" thick at the

top, it means if you pick it up by the top it will break

right off.  Carrying it around, if you just bump a

doorway as you pass through, that will break it.  The

technique used to strengthen it was to string nylon

fishing line all around it, then paint it with a resin  -

the kind they show on a piece of wood and say it is the

equivalent of 50 coats of varnish.  The fishing line was

embedded in the resin.  It was then painted black, and

finally, 1/8" x 1/8" strips of balsa wood were glued to it

to form the eight white lines running up and down:

The roof was constructed of the same

fiberglass-embossed plywood was the walls and

painted black:

These two pieces  -  main building and steeple  -

continued to be built in separate locations, because

the two together amounted to a size too large to be

accommodated in a house.  The entire model did not

get assembled until the day before the parade: