To make a donation:

Either click on the appropriate Donate button below for PayPal,
  or mail a check payable to Maple Street Chapel to 220 S. Main St. Lombard, IL 60148.

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You have a choice of where you want your donation to go......


Fire Sprinkler Fund
  Work is nearly completed on this
  project, but we are having to pay for
  it by "borrowing from Peter to pay
  Paul", using money from
  the painting fund.
  Your contribution will help
  pay off our "loan".
Painting Fund
  The chapel is badly in need of repainting in 2017.
  About half of the required funds to do this were
  used to pay for the fire sprinkler system.
  Your contribution will ensure that
  the painting can be done in 2017.
Refinish Desk in Reade Room
  The desk was probably used by Josiah
  Reade over 100 years ago.
  It is in good condition
    but needs refinishing.
  Click here to see a picture of it
  (Then click the back arrow to return).
Endowment Fund
  This fund must be maintained so that there
  will funds to generate earnings ensure the
  continued viability of the chapel preservation.

General Donation
  Your contribution will be used
  to finance day-to-day expenses.